It is with great pride that we present the York Store to you. The York Store is your gateway to authentic brazilian products in the US!

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Our Story

Two friends, Alê and Lisa have joined forces to bring you a unique shopping experience like no other.

Their journey began several years ago, when they crossed paths in New York City in 2009. Even without knowing each other, they grew up in the same neighborhood called Pavuna, which is located in the north zone of Rio de Janeiro and fate found a way to unite them. Alê’s BFF Pietra Parker introduced Lisa at the end of their exchange program that Alê and Pietra were doing in upstate NY.

As they exchanged ideas in 2023, they saw the repercussions and demand for Evelyn Regly Beauty products when they wore them in New York. Evelyn, who is Alê's childhood friend and godmother, was also raised in Pavuna. The friends joke and say that the Pavuna girls won! Each one with their own different life story, but all hardworking and with their own purpose. Evelyn has experience with makeup for many years and in 2022 she launched her own line of beauty products. Whenever Alê goes to Brazil, she brings unique products and everyone likes them.

Inspired by the success they had with products, an idea came up that would bridge the gap between Brazil and the US. They decided to open the "York Store". Both Lisa and Alê use York in their branding on social networks because they live in the state of New York.

The friends decided to resell some makeup products from Evelyn Regly Beauty and other products from Brazil that are in great demand abroad + unique products that are being developed.

The store's goal is to provide access to the same Brazilian merchandise that many immigrants cannot have. We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to travel back and forth, which is why the York Store is your one-stop destination for a genuinely Brazilian experience in the comfort of your own home.

At York Store, our mission is simple:

Bringing you an extraordinary selection of authentic Brazilian beauty and wellness products. We select what embodies the spirit of Brazil. Each product has been handpicked for its exceptional quality, evocative aromas and transformative effects.

Alê and Lisa invite you to embark on this exciting journey with them. Join our family of beauty enthusiasts and experience the incredible range of Brazilian products that will make you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and connected to the soul of Brazil.

On a limited basis, Alê and Lisa plan to take some products from the USA to Brazil as well, which can be purchased in advance through the website.

Treat yourself at the York Store and discover the secrets of Brazilian beauty at your fingertips. Shop with us and discover the audacious fascination that only Brazil can provide.

Thank you for choosing us as your gateway to authentic Brazilian beauty!

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